Partners of project

23 European organisations are members of the NURESAFE consortium. A number of partners come from major European nuclear countries operating PWRs, VVERs and BWRs, which are the focus of the work programme. The NURISP and NURESAFE projects offer the opportunity to cross-fertilise the nuclear reactor simulation approaches from Eastern and Western European countries present in the consortium: Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,United Kingdom.

Among the 23 partners in NURESAFE, 20 were members of the NURISP consortium and most of them were members of the FP6 NURESIM consortium. The federation of this strong community sharing common views within a single project devoted to numerical simulation for core physics, thermal-hydraulics, code coupling, quantification of uncertainties and integration is the result of a longstanding and deep collaborative effort that offers a strong added value for the future.

Three new partners have joined NURESAFE:

  • Two members of the NURISP Users’ Group: AREVA and ENEA. Both partners have well-known experience in simulation and nuclear reactor analysis and design, and will contribute effectively to the development and the further use of the platform.

  • The Polish institute NCBJ, which is the Polish technical support organisation constituted following the expansion of nuclear energy in Poland, will provide high value to the project through its expertise in safety issues.